Needs Analysis
In-depth needs analysis to help kick start development

Needs Analysis

One of the most important steps in any new development effort is to identify the needs of the target audience.  This can and should be done before any design or development takes place.  As product managers and marketers you can imagine what the customer wants and needs but there is no substitute for getting input directly from actual users themselves.

Our Approach

We custom build every Needs Analysis from scratch to meet your specific requirements.  A typical Needs Analysis includes 3 to 5 Focus Groups populated with your target audience.  Participants can be recruited specifically to your customer persona.  The activities during the focus groups vary widely but here are a few examples that have worked well:

  • Expose the participants to features of competitors’ products, websites, or mobile apps and have them rate the features in order of importance
  • Describe the product you envision building, have the participants list the things they like or dislike about the product, and then go into more detail about why they liked or disliked a particular feature
  • Print out the steps in a process – for example an insurance application – and have participants arrange the steps in the order they would want to perform them followed by group discussion
  • Provide participants with proposed content and then discuss the importance of this content along with the type of content they would expect/want to see
  • Expose the group to the existing version of the product and then have them provide feedback

The Results

The deliverables from the Needs Analysis can include:

  • A prioritized list of features and functions that your customers want – not a lot of things that development thought would be neat.
  • A content map of a website or app that could be directly applied to its taxonomy
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the competitors in the space as surfaced by the focus group participants

Now you can estimate the resource required for each feature and make concrete business decisions on what to build.  The end product will be exactly what your customers need.

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“From beginning to end, everyone I interacted with from Usability Sciences was professional and thorough. I was impressed with the testing technology, the methodology and especially the team that led the project. This is one of the most impactful pieces of research I have ever delivered to my team. Thank you!”

Kevin King
Senior Director of Digital Media, A&E Television Networks

“USC managed tight timelines and a client team that was tough to wrangle, But more importantly, the quality of the work was exemplary. It's work I would hold up as "the way we should do things" and share as a case study across the organization.”

Group Product Director
Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company