Design Thinking Workshops

Focus and align experience design efforts and generate radical new ideas.

Design thinking is still somewhat of a new (or in some cases, completely foreign) concept for most businesses. Yet in every business, ideas, inspiration and input have to come from somewhere. Design thinking workshops provide a structure and focus to these activities, and the results can be profound.

What is design thinking?

By most definitions, design thinking refers to the cognitive, imaginative, strategic and practical processes by which new ideas and concepts are developed. It encourages businesses to think about the people they are creating products for – that is, to put the human aspects of the product or service being developed first, and developing the technical, mechanical and financial aspects of the project around those learnings.

When done right, design thinking can lead to incredible innovations. What’s more, focusing on the user’s needs at the beginning of the process reduces the risk of discovering critical usability issues after significant amounts of time and money have been invested. Thus, design thinking should be thought of not only as a solution for creating and improving new products, but also for resource management and cost savings.

What you can expect from professional design thinking workshops

As logical as the concept of design thinking is, you might wonder why more companies don’t approach product development this way already. For many of them, the answer is that such a process is simply not possible (or perhaps productive) without outside, professional guidance. This is where we come in.

Our experienced design thinking facilitators will guide your team though a series of activities designed to:

  • Empathize with users
  • Understand stakeholder perspectives
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Prototype and test solutions
  • Educating and building consensus among key stakeholders

Using a 3rd party facilitator provides many benefits, including:

  • Accountability for keeping the project on track
  • Unbiased leadership of discussions and input-gathering
  • Expertise in facilitating workshops with a variety of stakeholders
  • Deep experience in user research and user insights

We make it easy for you.

Most of our Design Thinking Workshops require anywhere from a half-day to 3-4 days, though there the particular circumstances of the situation may require a longer workshop period. In any event, we’ll design the program around your needs, your goals and your budget. The workshops can take place at your location or at our offices in Dallas, Texas.

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