Usability Testing

Get authentic user insight about your digital product.

A usability test is a way to evaluate a product or service with your ideal, target-market customers. An expert analyst team works with users of the product in one-on-one sessions to collect data and identify problems, individually tailoring sessions for each and every user.

Our experts work with you to help you understand not just what the users say and do, but also what they don’t say and don’t do. This brief video provides an overview of the process. 


Types of usability testing projects

Usability testing can be utilized across multiple products and platforms and during any stage of development.

Popular scenarios in which Usability Testing can come in handy are:

  • Desktop: Testing websites and desktop apps

  • Mobile & Tablet: Testing on any mobile platform

  • Cross-Platform: Comparing experiences across platforms

  • Early Design: Stepping through prototypes to validate before building

  • Storyboard Exercises: Users share their experiences and provide valuable anecdotes

  • Express Testing: Testing a small group of users to get quick results

  • Rapid Iterative Testing: Testing on alternating days and implementing changes on the off-days. Runs through a development cycle in only a week

  • Remote Usability: Users from around the country — or around the world — participate in online sessions

  • In-Country Usability: With our network of partners — or your facilities — we can travel to and test anywhere.

What to expect from usability testing

Usability testing benefits your customers and, in turn, your company. You get the chance to see people use your product/website/etc. in realistic situations and describe the experience in their own words. You may see them do something unexpected or hear suggestions for new features. Most importantly, you get insights into how your users think.

The feedback and results from a usability test can be used to:

  • Increase conversion rates & Improve sales

  • Reduce help desk or call center costs

  • Get stakeholder buy-in for necessary changes

  • Answer unresolved questions raised by web analytics

  • Identify underlying or systemic problems typically overlooked in smaller-scale research

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