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Is trust one of the metrics you use to measure the health of your relationship with your customers?  If not, there is growing evidence that it should be, especially if Millennials are important to your business.Over the course of this year, we have interviewed dozens of Millennials, many of them... read more
As corporations set strategy and re-organize around the idea of customer-centricity, they look to achieve competitive advantage by creating a superior customer experience. Building that experience starts with a candid view of the customer journey.  Journey mapping is an art, to be sure, and there... read more
The competition in the healthcare arena is heating up: recently Apple debuted their Health app and Google announced their Fit platform. With the entry of these two industry giants, who are renowned for their attention to providing great user experience, into the healthcare domain, existing... read more
The September 19th launch of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus was a first for Apple, as it was the first to offer display sizes larger than any previous model. Up from their predecessor's seemingly outdated 4-inch screen comes the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, sporting screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5... read more
As many expected, Apple unveiled their vision for wearable technology, in the form of the Apple Watch. Though it won’t hit the market for quite some time, it has already captured the attention of many. And though it still remains to be seen how successful this will be, Apple seems to have a way of... read more
For the past several years, as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems have competed across multiple fronts (for consumers, for developer support), one point that has frequently been called out is the issue of Android fragmentation. This refers primarily to the numerous versions of... read more
About this time every year we get an announcement from Apple related to a new phone with features we can’t live without, a groundbreaking new device, or an overhaul to an existing OS. As a usability company we wait excitedly(strikethrough) anxiously for this day. It means that usability testing... read more
Microsoft’s Xbox One has been out and available to the public for about 10 months at this point and is really just starting to hit its stride. It has certainly suffered its fair share of setbacks to get to this point, namely the controversy over Microsoft’s “always online” and used game policies (... read more
"For two days beginning Sept. 5, nearly 1,000 inquiring tech design minds —from coders to gamers — will gather in Addison to learn from each other at the sixth annual Big (D)esign Conference.“It’s like South by [Southwest] before it got too big and commercial,” co-founder Candy Bernhardt says.A... read more
This week we're highlighting an older webinar talking about tablet users. If your ear is to the ground then you know that new tablets are coming out constantly. With everyone from Apple to Samsung in a battle for tablet supremacy, it's never been so important to fully understand your tablet users... read more


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