Salesforce User Experience Evaluation
Is your Salesforce implementation keeping pace with your users’ ever changing needs?

Salesforce User Experience Evaluation

In his book Behind the Cloud, Marc Benioff emphasizes the process of ‘Listening to your customers’ to build intuitive interfaces and meet their changing needs.  He specifically calls out the expertise Usability Sciences provided in the early days of salesforce.com.

15 years, and countless rounds of usability enhancements later, we still work with salesforce.com and Marc continues to send us referrals.

Usability Sciences has now condensed that experience into a service offering aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your Salesforce implementations.  Usability Sciences helps you raise the return on your Salesforce investment by identifying and eliminating the barriers encountered by your end-users (sales reps, call-center agents, etc.) every day.  The cumulative effects of the many “minor” workarounds commonly found in large-scale implementations can be as astounding as they are costly.

Our Approach

  1. We start by working with you to understand your business objectives.  We identify your target roles and determine which job scenarios need to be evaluated.
  2. Our research team will then develop a custom discussion guide, which includes the task scenarios and business questions that will be used to ensure relevant feedback is gathered.
  3. The research centers on conversations with ~8-10 of your employees, utilizing 1:1 hour-long sessions. In each session, your employee will walk through their interaction with Salesforce.
  4. After testing is complete, the results across the sessions are analyzed, compiled, and prioritized into a report, which contains actionable recommendations for improving your implementation.

Typical Efficiency blockers we find:

Typical Effectiveness blockers we find:

  • End users perceive Salesforce as a “chore”, causing garbage in, garbage out
  • Management makes business decisions based on the inaccurate data from end users
  • Customers suffer since their needs have evolved, but have not been reflected in Salesforce

While KPIs tell you where the needle is currently pointing, UX evaluations are built to tell you the habits and behaviors behind the numbers.   From this research, USC delivers an actionable punch-list of items to improve employee effectiveness and provide data-driven decisions. Moving the “needle” of success

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“From beginning to end, everyone I interacted with from Usability Sciences was professional and thorough. I was impressed with the testing technology, the methodology and especially the team that led the project. This is one of the most impactful pieces of research I have ever delivered to my team. Thank you!”

Kevin King
Senior Director of Digital Media, A&E Television Networks

“USC managed tight timelines and a client team that was tough to wrangle, But more importantly, the quality of the work was exemplary. It's work I would hold up as "the way we should do things" and share as a case study across the organization.”

Group Product Director
Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company