Quantitative Customer Insights

Predict what your customers will do.

Successful organizations understand the importance of making data-driven decisions. However, the value and success of these decisions are only as good as the data upon which they're based. Quantitative insights ensure your questions have reliable, evidence-based answers, allowing you to confidently and boldly move forward.

When it comes to quantitative research, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That said, we see two primary focuses for this research: Foundational Attitudinal insights, and Predictive Behavioral Insights.

Foundational/ Attitudinal Insights

This approach gathers data and provides crucial insights into your customers’ beliefs, perceptions, and attitudes regarding your products/services, organization, and industry. By having a reliable, foundational understanding of your customers’ attitudes and beliefs, your team will save crucial time in early development and decision-making, by eliminating risky guesswork and providing clear product development direction.

This research can help answer questions such as:

  • What aspects of an experience are most critical to customer success and satisfaction?
  • Who are your customers, and how do their segments differ in their relationship with your company?
  • Within your industry, what gaps exist in the marketplace that customers want someone to fill?
  • What features and functionality need to be maintained or replaced when redesigning your experience?  

Predictive Behaviroral Insights

If you understand what predicts desirable user behavior, you can better construct systems that facilitate those behaviors. Knowing these predictors can help answer the questions that businesses often struggle with:

  • How do we increase our conversation rate?
  • What’s needed to successfully entice customers away from competitor solutions?
  • How can we successfully migrate customers to our new product offering?
  • What are the key drivers and blockers to our customers’ decision-making? 

The problem is, simply identifying customers’ attitudes and beliefs are insufficient. At any moment, an individual holds a constellation of competing perspectives that may mediate or moderate (alter) their behaviors. So how do you best identify behavior predictors?

Our approach draws on a wealth of psychological research, including the Theory of Planned Behavior and various cognitive response and processing models to increase predictive power. We capture the constellation of competing attitudes by measuring attitudes, behavioral intentions, barriers to behaviors, and past peripheral behaviors (similar behaviors that are expected to correlate with the predicted behavior). This approach provides you with hard numbers and valuable insights that predict customer behavior. 

Our Approach

Similar to our qualitative offerings, these are custom-tailored research engagements; there is no off-the-shelf quantitative research approach that will provide you will valuable insights. Our experts work with you to understand the questions you’re looking to answer and identify key attitudes and/or behaviors to measure. From there, we’ll construct a research approach designed to provide the answers you’re looking for.

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