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SSPA Announces Usability Sciences Corporation as New SSPA Vendor Member

July 8, 2003 — The Service & Support Professionals Association (SSPA), an industry Association for IT support professionals, announced that Usability Sciences Corporation, a usability research company based in Dallas, Texas, has joined the SSPA Vendor Member program, a membership dedicated to bringing IT support service buyers and sellers together online.

The primary focus of this membership is to increase the visibility of vendors and suppliers within the IT service and support community.

“We are really excited about having Usability Sciences Corporation as our latest Vendor member,” said Bill Rose, SSPA Founder/CEO. “They bring a unique and valued resource to the tech support industry and have established themselves as a leader in usability testing services and online customer intelligence solutions. Their online technology has been implemented with a number of technical support organizations in Fortune 100 companies. They are a great addition to the SSPA Vendor Member program.”

Usability Sciences Corporation (USC) was founded in 1988 and has provided usability testing services and online customer intelligence solutions to more than 230 customer organizations worldwide.

USC???s breadth and depth of experience was applied to developing WebIQ, a versatile new website assessment technology.

WebIQ provides online support organizations the ability to identify which areas of content or which self help tools enhance or impede customers??? ability to resolve their problem.

This unique measurement of visitor intent and success provides online support professionals with the information necessary to identify site improvements that will increase visitor success and thereby reduce subsequent calls or emails from unsuccessful site visitors.

Their services are differentiated by their own ground breaking methodologies.

Used in combination with traditional usability testing, they provide a complete usability solution for Internet e-commerce and b2b sites, corporate Intranets, online support, and software and hardware products.

“Visit success, based on intent, drives every other metric on the website. The implications of WebIQ for the support community can be translated directly to cost savings. We at Usability Sciences are excited about being part of this professional community and hope our services and technologies will assist support professionals in providing an unparalleled online experience for their visitors.” ??? Jeffrey G. Schueler President Usability Sciences Corporation.


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“From beginning to end, everyone I interacted with from Usability Sciences was professional and thorough. I was impressed with the testing technology, the methodology and especially the team that led the project. This is one of the most impactful pieces of research I have ever delivered to my team. Thank you!”

Kevin King
Senior Director of Digital Media, A&E Television Networks

“USC managed tight timelines and a client team that was tough to wrangle, But more importantly, the quality of the work was exemplary. It's work I would hold up as "the way we should do things" and share as a case study across the organization.”

Group Product Director
Digital Marketing, Pharmaceutical Company