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Finding a Healthcare Provider – Part 2

Find a Provider Search Results More Americans now have medical insurance coverage than ever before, and likely will look for doctors for their medical needs. In Part 1 of “Finding a Medical Provider,” we discussed best practices of medical insurer site search functionality found during June 2014 on 3 sites: Aetna, United Healthcare and Blue… read more

Finding a Healthcare Provider

Part 1: Searching for a Doctor or Medical Provider Now that more Americans are covered by medical insurance, it’s likely many will visit their selected medical plan’s website to look for a doctor. Recently we looked at the public version of “Find a Doctor/Provider” functions on several medical insurance sites, and found that the options… read more

Multi-Platform Users in the Majority

A recent study by comScore and highlighted in this Econsultancy article indicates that, as of December 2013, 56% of US consumers are considered multi-platform users – i.e., consumers that use both desktop and mobile devices in their daily lives.  This has huge implications for the omni-channel retailer as it further underscores the need for retailers… read more

The Omni-Channel Era of Retail

In their article, ‘The Digital Future of Stores’, the Internet Retailer reports that consumers have come to expect a company’s channels (including web, mobile, social media, in-store, etc.) be seamless and consistent, ushering forth what many are calling the omni-channel era of retail. The article discusses a number of emerging technologies and strategies that brick-and-mortar… read more

Accessibility: An easy way to find site barriers for customers

In the past it’s not been easy for companies to determine whether their sites are accessible so that they can be used by everyone, including users with visual impairments who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, and users with physical impairments who don’t use a mouse or trackball. Groups such as the Worldwide Web… read more

Making Users Uncomfortable (On Purpose)

In this thought-provoking article, “Uncomfortable User Experience,” by Steve Benford et al., a new component of interactivity is discussed: deliberate use of discomfort as a part of an experience. The examples included in this article all violate the goal that usability professionals strive for—to create an easy and pleasurable user experience. Usability experts Joe Dumas and… read more

The Case for RWD

A study conducted by Google entitled “The New Multi-screen World “found more people are accessing online content using different devices of varying screen size. For example, people might start researching a product on their mobile device, but end up making the purchase on their laptop. In light of this, E-Commerce sites should make every effort… read more

Interception! Best Practices for a Field Study

Usability testing is not limited to labs with one-way glass windows and video cameras; every now and then a product needs to be tested that either is too unwieldy for a lab or needs to be used within a specific environment or context. Enter the field study, a methodology borrowed from social science ethnographic studies:… read more

A 30 Second Analysis of PineSol.com – The Cluttered Homepage

One short visit to Pine-Sol’s homepage will leave you with a bigger headache than inhaling the cleaning solution. Several words come to mind, including overwhelming, confusing, and even garish. The site seems to embrace the idea that if one eye-catching advertisement is good, wouldn’t an entire page of them be even better? Thus, everything on… read more

Cross Platform UX Research in the Multi-Screen World

Long gone are the days when customers visited a site on just a PC. Customers are now commonly shopping, researching and purchasing across multiple devices. Because of this, it has become crucial to test the user experience across phone, tablet, and desktop platforms to ensure we meet customers’ ever-growing expectations of convenience. Jason Vasilas, Senior… read more


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