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10 Things You Should Know About Tablet Users

This week we’re highlighting an older webinar talking about tablet users. If your ear is to the ground then you know that new tablets are coming out constantly. With everyone from Apple to Samsung in a battle for tablet supremacy, it’s never been so important to fully understand your tablet users. Take a look below… read more

Finding a Healthcare Provider – Part 3

Provider Profile Details page In Parts 1 and 2 of “Finding a Healthcare Provider,” we covered the best practices of medical insurer site search features found on 3 sites: Aetna, United Healthcare and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas during June 2014. In this post, we will look at the provider profile. While examining several insurer… read more

Finding a Healthcare Provider – Part 2

Find a Provider Search Results More Americans now have medical insurance coverage than ever before, and likely will look for doctors for their medical needs. In Part 1 of “Finding a Medical Provider,” we discussed best practices of medical insurer site search functionality found during June 2014 on 3 sites: Aetna, United Healthcare and Blue… read more

Finding a Healthcare Provider

Part 1: Searching for a Doctor or Medical Provider Now that more Americans are covered by medical insurance, it’s likely many will visit their selected medical plan’s website to look for a doctor. Recently we looked at the public version of “Find a Doctor/Provider” functions on several medical insurance sites, and found that the options… read more

Quick Usability Review: Spotify

Spotify is a popular music service that allows users to listen to their favorite music for free or with a premium account. It also allows users to discover new artists based on musical interest through its Discover feature. While I feel Spotify’s discovery feature trumps Pandora’s, I have used it and given up on it… read more

[Webinar] The Importance of Early Design Usability Testing

Check out our newest webinar about the Importance of Early Design Usability Testing. User Experience Analyst, Matt Bruce, walks through some of the issues with healthcare.gov, and some of the changes that were made to fix them. The main lesson to learn here is that pre-emptive, or early design, usability testing is crucial to a site’s… read more

The Next Five Years of E-Commerce and M-Commerce

Internet Retailer recently took a closer look at what E-Commerce and m-commerce might look like in the next five years.  The results are not only fascinating but point to major shift in how consumers will approach online shopping in the next five years.  Our own Jeff Schueler, founder and President of Usability Sciences, provides this… read more

Research Needs Qualified Participants

In usability research, the qualifications of the participants are just as important as the qualifications of the researchers. Qualified participants represent the target users of the website or application by matching important demographical and motivational criteria. For example, ecommerce websites such as Amazon or eBay are used by shoppers of practically any age, gender, education… read more

Multi-Platform Users in the Majority

A recent study by comScore and highlighted in this Econsultancy article indicates that, as of December 2013, 56% of US consumers are considered multi-platform users – i.e., consumers that use both desktop and mobile devices in their daily lives.  This has huge implications for the omni-channel retailer as it further underscores the need for retailers… read more

The Omni-Channel Era of Retail

In their article, ‘The Digital Future of Stores’, the Internet Retailer reports that consumers have come to expect a company’s channels (including web, mobile, social media, in-store, etc.) be seamless and consistent, ushering forth what many are calling the omni-channel era of retail. The article discusses a number of emerging technologies and strategies that brick-and-mortar… read more


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