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Classical Usability

As we embark on a new year that positively seethes with potential, it seems appropriate to offer a blog post that somehow transcends the type of utilitarian posts we generally serve up.  We hope this story serves that purpose.  Please read it as our new year’s gift to our friends in the world of usability.… read more

OnCue® & Mixpanel: One Tag to Rule Them All

I know the title is corny, but considering the way OnCue & Mixpanel work together, it seemed the perfect tagline. In today’s Oncue post we’re going to cover the deployment of Mixpanel.  Mixpanel is an event driven analytics package similar yet very different from Google Analytics and Omniture.  It allows you to tie reporting to a… read more

OnCue® and Wufoo: Forms on Any Page

Here at Usability Sciences, we find ourselves in need of new forms relatively often. Whether we’re trying to capture feedback on a specific page or attempting to provide support for a product, we can always find a need for a new form. What seems to be the most frustrating aspect of form creation is the… read more

Smartphone, Tablet, or PC?

Last week we posted an infographic showing which devices customers prefer for different activities such as reading books, listening to music, or editing spreadsheets. Today we we’d like to share another infographic.  This one speaks more for demographics of customers in relation to those same devices, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. When targeting customers it is important… read more

Which Device is Preferred?

The interaction points with customers are changing.  One of the more recent additions to this is the tablet which followed the smartphone, and the PC before that. We asked a large demographic where are they browsing, what types of devices are they using, what activities they do on certain devices, and a few other questions.… read more

Amplifying the Customer’s Voice — so the CEO Can Act on It

CEOs typically devote much of their time to analyzing their company’s financial data and operating metrics.  We suggest, however, that they could profit more by installing feedback review as a part of the formal executive process. Last week I undertook a task I have never before contemplated.  I coded 10,000 open text responses to a… read more

Dynamic Forms As Easy as 1 2 3

WA(RP)® was designed primarily to facilitate online market research, but we quickly realized that it had a vast array of possible applications.  We knew there was a category of DIY tools that primarily focused on building online forms.  What makes a form different from a survey is how it is processed, and the systems that… read more

High Level View Of Your Users: OnCue® + ClickTale

Using OnCue To Deploy ClickTale On Command. ClickTale is a great tool for getting a visual understanding of what people are doing on your website.  Whether it’s individual visits showing a replay of what the user did with mouse movements and clicks or i’ts utilizing the great aggregate reports for scrolling and click heat maps… read more

The iPhone 5: A Final Review

iPhone 5 Speed: The increased speed that 4G LTE has provided changed how I used my digital devices over the first few days of ownership.  First, while I suspect I will regret this once my first bill arrives, I turned off Wi-Fi to solely take advantage of the 4G LTE connection.  While I have a… read more

An iPhone 5 Review Coming from an Ex Android User

Last week we posted a short review of the iPhone 5 from Matt.  To continue our short review series we’ve got some great insights from another one of our team members, Scott Davis.  Check it out below, and if you’re interested in reading the last iPhone 5 review we did click here Maps: I quickly… read more


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