Remote Research for Travel Restrictions

Remote Research for Travel Restrictions

How to do user research when you can't travel

Many corporations are putting travel restrictions in place and shutting down all non-essential travel to mitigate or reduce exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Meetings are being canceled and conferences postponed, preventing many of you from connecting with your customers. We want you to know that your UX research goals don’t have to be compromised in the face of these restrictions and there are more than a few ways to stay on schedule. 

Usability Sciences conducts moderated remote user research, where neither clients nor participants need to travel. You and your team join and participate from your home, office, or conference room. Participants provide feedback on their desktops or mobile devices from the comfort of their own home or workplace. This allows you to collect valuable insights while minimizing the risk of exposure to you, your team, or your customers.

Our remote research capabilities are versatile and effective and can be used at any stage of the customer journey. Exposure-reduction benefits aside, this is the most natural way to conduct research, as it allows participants to interact with your product in a real-world setting.

As there is still so much uncertainty regarding how long this Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will last, you should review your roadmap and identify alternative ways to collect user research data now.

If you need help, one of our researchers will be happy to talk you through it