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Grounding? Oh, No, Not In Our House.

omni_channel_paymentsPerhaps the most valuable aspect of user experience testing is that it protects product or website designers against “grounding” – the tendency (from which none of us are immune) to see the world in self-referential terms.  This recently hit home in a way that was both attention-getting and encouraging.

One of our sales folks posted the following article link on our Chatter feed.  http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2014/26235/six-ways-to-uncover-whats-confusing-your-website-visitors-and-dragging-conversions-down.  It is a well-conceived, well-written article laying out six steps to conversion improvement.

It comes from a provider of survey technology and illustrates how surveys can be used within a six-step approach that includes visitor intercepts, web analytics, usability testing, and multi-channel research.  We have operated from this service model for the last 15 years — a one-stop shop for all the services (and enabling technology tools) a website owner needs to analyze and improve conversion.  The concept is so familiar and the practice is so grooved for us that we no longer recognize its marketing potency until we see it spotlighted by an unknown (but evidently experienced and competent) third party.

We are guilty, in this marketing context, of being grounded – the condition against which we protect our customers.  So we are grateful to Mr. Morgan for reminding us that our mission and how we pursue it will never get old so long as conversion remains the metric that matters most in the omni-channel world.

– Roger Beynon, CSO, Usability Sciences


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