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The iPhone 5: A Final Review

iPhone 5



The increased speed that 4G LTE has provided changed how I used my digital devices over the first few days of ownership.  First, while I suspect I will regret this once my first bill arrives, I turned off Wi-Fi to solely take advantage of the 4G LTE connection.  While I have a pretty good broadband connection at home (AT&T U-Verse 18mb download option), it pales in comparison to the numbers I recorded on the 4G LTE connection.  Using the Speed Test app, I have consistently recorded 40-50 Mbps download and 10-20 Mbps upload at various locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  It also caused me to grab my iPhone 5 over my new iPad (latest generation Wi-Fi only version) more times than before even knowing the web browsing experience using the larger tablet screen is more enjoyable while sitting on the couch.  One other side benefit of using my 4G LTE connection is that my daughter’s baby monitor does not interfere with the signal.  When using the Wi-Fi connection the baby monitor brings my connection speeds equivalent to the old dial-up days. Screen Size: Leading up to the release of the iPhone 5 I was most excited by the larger screen size compared to my iPhone 4.  Having now used the device for a few days I’m a tad bit disappointed. Maybe I built this up in my head too much.  The additional row of icons and the 16:9 viewing ratio for videos is nice.  As is the ability to view more of a web page while in landscape mode.  Even with those added benefits a larger screen provides, I just not blown away by this.  I get why they did it, but looking back if this was the primary reason I upgraded from my iPhone 4 I would have been disappointed.

iOS 6

Some miscellaneous thoughts on the new iOS 6…

  • I haven’t used the new maps app that much but when I did, I became a big fan of the cleaner interface and increased functionality – ability to rotate the map is a nice feature.
  • Not having a native YouTube app was a bit disappointing at first but that was quickly resolved by installing the YouTube app from the App Store.
  • The VIP email aggregation feature just seems cheesy.  Also, I did not find a way to remove it from my list.  Hopefully that is an option I overlooked.
  • I like the ability to take photos while in video mode.  I’m used to that feature with my DSLR and Hi-Def video camera.
  • While I’ve used third-party apps that offer panoramic photo capabilities it’s nice to have that built in to the native Camera app.


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