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Personas developed without the use of a proven mental model are rarely sophisticated enough to meet the needs of an omni-channel world.  These days, our clients want robust, authentic, thinking personas that:  1.     facilitate better content marketing  2.     have a predictive capability  3.    ... read more
Will unmoderated online testing ever replace standard usability testing? Of course NOT, but it can be effective in the proper circumstances. Join us to talk about the myths and truths of unmoderated user testing, how it compares to standard usability sessions, and when to employ it.Contact us to... read more
Let's talk about Cross-Platform (xPlatform) User Experience Research (UX). Long gone are the days when customers visited a site on just a PC. Customers are now commonly shopping, researching and purchasing across multiple devices. Because of this, it has become crucial to test the user experience... read more
We are all aware of the usability issues that have plagued Considering these problems we decided to conduct a usability test on the site. This usability test revealed many website issues users were reportedly experiencing. Join us as we dive into those problems and highlight our... read more
New studies have found that companies who provide a seamless and consistent experience across channels – including web, mobile, email, social media, and in-store – not only yield higher sales, but also retain more than twice as many customers than companies with ineffective cross-channel... read more
How do mobile websites and apps affect in store conversion? We know the impact is growing, and while there may not be a lot of direct mobile conversions, the mobile channel is playing a significant and increasing role in the overall customer experience. Topics covered include:What should I... read more
Maybe your go-to weapon is the usability test. Or maybe you just cannot resist focus group fireworks. But, do you know when you should lock and load on something a little different? In this webinar, we will take a look at various research methodologies to determine which one will have your burning... read more
Thinking about creating a mobile experience for your users? Not sure whether to create a mobile site or an app? If these are some of the questions you're dealing with then this webinar is for you. We will compare these content delivery methods in an effort to help you make the right decision. In... read more
This webinar will focus on the evolving and relatively new field of mobile coupons – digital coupons that are intended for use on a smartphone. We will discuss the ways in which mobile coupons can be delivered to a smartphone, displayed on its screen, and redeemed at the point of sale. We will... read more
Don’t let the mobile web jeopardize your brand. Learn how it can enhance it.  Today's mobile strategies are about creating better interactions between people, brands and businesses. Leverage the mobile web and you can:•  Build Brand Awareness•  Broaden Marketing Campaigns•  Manage Online... read more


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