Quantitative Research

CEOs typically devote much of their time to analyzing their company’s financial data and operating metrics.  We suggest, however, that they could profit more by installing feedback review as a part of the formal executive process. Last week I undertook a task I have never before contemplated.  I... read more
Research which enables the improvement of website design, content and overall usability has proven  particularly valuable as the world’s  industries become more and more reliant on their websites  for financial success. Online research surveys are an example of this type of research.  An... read more
When planning studies for the usability lab, sooner or later, the question gets asked, “How many users to do we need to test?” Depending on the goals of the study, and whom you ask, you’ll get answers ranging from 5 to 30. Most experts agree that testing more than that is not the best use of your... read more
Did you know that over a quarter of your site visitors are probably first time visitors? Did you know that first time visitors are less successful than all other visitors to your site? Understanding who your first time visitors are, why they visited your site, and how successful they were during... read more
In today’s economic environment, it is critical to achieve a return on investment (ROI) for any budget that is spent. In the online environment, where the landscape changes so quickly—either due to competitive challenges or the increasing savvy and changing needs of the online consumer—achieving a... read more

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