One short visit to Pine-Sol’s homepage will leave you with a bigger headache than inhaling the cleaning solution. Several words come to mind, including overwhelming, confusing, and even garish. The site seems to embrace the idea that if one eye-catching advertisement is good, wouldn’t an entire... read more
Forrester has just come out with another of its exhaustive guides to personas, scenarios, and the customer journey.  While I consider Forrester’s approach to personas to be dated and simplistic, they invariably exhibit a keen sense of market need.  My recent experience at Best Buy affirms the need... read more
Back in the days when dragons roamed the earth and men routinely wore suits to work, I used to shop at Jos. A Bank. As the years went by, however, business culture changed and my need for dress shirts, ties, and suits with two pairs of pants suffered the same fate as the dragons. My closet, like... read more
One of our customers is a pure-play e-commerce business. They wanted to quantify interest in a radical new service option. To gain competitive advantage, they needed answers quickly -- much faster than it would take if they gathered responses through their continuously running intercept survey,... read more
Three key questions: What do you measure? Why do you measure it?  How do you measure it? Look at these numbers. They come from six e-commerce sites.  They represent metrics collected from the sites’ most important visitor segment – those who arrive intending to buy. 83% of potential purchasers... read more
Earlier this month, the Harvard Business Review published an article by two managing directors from the Executive Board: To Keep Your Customers, Keep it Simple.  The title serves as both advice and warning to today’s marketers. The research is deep and detailed, and the recommendations stand in... read more
In previous articles here and here, we've discussed the benefits of ‘liking’ in social media and how 42% of our respondents in a social media survey (October 2011) reported making a purchase based on the ‘like’ of a friend.  In this survey, we also asked these participants about the specific type... read more
‘Likes’ in social media link to product purchases. As discussed in an earlier article here, we surveyed our participant database in October of 2011 to ask about their behavior in regards to social media, and found that 42% of the 700 respondents reported making a purchase based on the ‘like’ of a... read more
I’ve bought two dozen or more bottles of wine from the New York Times Wine Club over the past few years.  That would not qualify me as a highly valued customer, I’m sure, but it would likely rank me as worth retaining. This morning I received an email ad from the wine club promoting a new Spanish... read more
With the constant evolution of smart phones and mobile devices, users are expecting more efficient and intuitive functionality from mobile websites. This is especially true for those mobile sites designed for touch screen devices. According to a 2009 whitepaper from Gomez, Inc., almost 75% of... read more


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