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Is trust one of the metrics you use to measure the health of your relationship with your customers?  If not, there is growing evidence that it should be, especially if Millennials are important to your business.Over the course of this year, we have interviewed dozens of Millennials, many of them... read more
Forrester has just come out with another of its exhaustive guides to personas, scenarios, and the customer journey.  While I consider Forrester’s approach to personas to be dated and simplistic, they invariably exhibit a keen sense of market need.  My recent experience at Best Buy affirms the need... read more
We frequently field inquires from customers about how we can help them handle ever-rising volumes of unstructured data.  The curious thing about these inquiries is that they often come from companies already employing sophisticated natural language processing (NLP) tools. It’s not so much that the... read more
Back in the days when dragons roamed the earth and men routinely wore suits to work, I used to shop at Jos. A Bank. As the years went by, however, business culture changed and my need for dress shirts, ties, and suits with two pairs of pants suffered the same fate as the dragons. My closet, like... read more
Earlier this month, the Harvard Business Review published an article by two managing directors from the Executive Board: To Keep Your Customers, Keep it Simple.  The title serves as both advice and warning to today’s marketers. The research is deep and detailed, and the recommendations stand in... read more
In May of 2010, I published a white paper entitled “Trust is the New Black.”  I’ve been measuring, training, speaking, and writing about trust for decades; it’s the best indicator of health in one-to-one relationships.  These days, every brand is all about building one-on-one relationships with... read more
How does your brand measure the health of your relationship with your customers? If you answered: “Satisfaction,” then you are not keeping up with the latest in metrics fashion. Trust is the new black of brand metrics, and here’s why. Digital thought leaders are calling the times in which we live... read more
Econsultancy recently posted a comprehensive review of best practices for e-commerce consumer surveys by Tim Leighton-Boyce.  It’s an excellent piece.  The writer is obviously a practitioner, since the advice reflects knowledge that can only have come the hard way.  One piece of that advice,... read more
A client of ours has undertaken a Findability initiative.  A site’s “findability” determines the ease with which visitors can get from the page on which they arrive at the site to the page(s) containing the products or information they seek. Funding for the project is conditional upon each phase... read more
Pew Internet released a report late in January 2012 that quantified a behavior we either exhibit ourselves or see others exhibit ever more often – people using their smart phones as part of the in-store shopping process.  During the holiday shopping season: 38% of smart phone owners called a... read more


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