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Pay walls in the websites of US print media drive me nuts.  Rupert Murdoch built his media empire on the ability to make money in newspapers when everyone else was losing it.  The Wall Street Journal may have pioneered the practice of erecting pay walls to protect content in the US, but Murdoch... read more
In May of 2010, I published a white paper entitled “Trust is the New Black.”  I’ve been measuring, training, speaking, and writing about trust for decades; it’s the best indicator of health in one-to-one relationships.  These days, every brand is all about building one-on-one relationships with... read more
Usability Sciences presents the Solutions Series of webinettes, the second of which focuses on “Site Search”—the process by which website users arrive at what they seek. A survey of 22,000 retail shoppers shows that visitors who use a site’s search function convert at three times the rate of... read more
What’s Missing in Social Media?The last 3 installments of our articles have discussed how and what people are purchasing based on the ‘like’ of friend, as informed by our social media survey results of October 2011. Within that, our respondents have indicated that a friend’s ‘like’ has a positive... read more
In previous articles here and here, we've discussed the benefits of ‘liking’ in social media and how 42% of our respondents in a social media survey (October 2011) reported making a purchase based on the ‘like’ of a friend.  In this survey, we also asked these participants about the specific type... read more
‘Likes’ in social media link to product purchases. As discussed in an earlier article here, we surveyed our participant database in October of 2011 to ask about their behavior in regards to social media, and found that 42% of the 700 respondents reported making a purchase based on the ‘like’ of a... read more

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