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Four Seasons recently launched a massive overhaul of their website(you can read the piece here).  E-consultancy readers everywhere immediately chipped in their critiques of the effectiveness of the $18m expenditure. Needless to say, there was a lot of cynicism.  Not content to let... read more
For at least a decade, global companies have pursued online regionalization policies with varying degrees of commitment and enthusiasm.  Radical contraction in the world economy has injected a far greater sense of urgency into that pursuit, however, as global players rush to create content in... read more
January of each year sees publication of the Edelman Trust Barometer.  It is a fascinating study that shows the degree of trust with which people hold four institutions – government, business, media, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations). The report highlights the dramatic reduction in trust... read more
Situation: As a national leader in your field, you understand user experiences may vary based on their roles and functions of using the site or product. For better insight into the needs and pressure points of the site and gather ideas on how to address those concerns, you would like to do some... read more
With the constant evolution of smart phones and mobile devices, users are expecting more efficient and intuitive functionality from mobile websites. This is especially true for those mobile sites designed for touch screen devices. According to a 2009 whitepaper from Gomez, Inc., almost 75% of... read more
A survey that offers continuous, real-time customer comments is a very valuable resource.  Companies who deploy a site intercept survey on their website and collect survey data for an extended time find this affords them extensive opportunities to improve their site. Rather than trying to... read more
In these competitive times of the online world, optimizing web pages for Google and other search engines is often not enough.  Many sites have already added another successful tool to their online marketing toolbox – and it has to do with something we (or most of us) learned to do as children –... read more

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