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With the constant evolution of smart phones and mobile devices, users are expecting more efficient and intuitive functionality from mobile websites. This is especially true for those mobile sites designed for touch screen devices. According to a 2009 whitepaper from Gomez, Inc., almost 75% of... read more
"Is the sweater I'm sending my daughter going to arrive in a gift box? I have no way of knowing what the gift-wrap looks like." "If I want to send 3 items to my dad, is each item going to be individually gift-wrapped?" "It's not clear how I can add a personal note to go along with the gift to my... read more
Many of the websites we have usability tested are e-commerce sites containing multiple product types. The products on these sites often include items such as clothing and shoes for the family along with house wares and other home goods. In each of these cases, the female in the household was... read more

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